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Read reviews on Swiss Army knife, watch, multi-tools and other Swiss Army products from a personal point of view. Other reviews includes luggage, backpack, clothing, perfume, etc.

Swiss Army - It's Not Just About Pocket Knife Anymore ...

OK now .. what do you want to know about the Swiss Army? Have a look around, here you can learn about the history of the Swiss Army Brand, products like the Swiss Army knife and the Swiss Army watch.

OK, OK ... I don't claim to know everything but I am a great fan of the Swiss Army. Wether you are going with the Wenger Swiss Army or the Victorinox Swiss Army, either is great for me.

I have my own share of the Swiss Army products like the Swiss Army watch. And my brother has a closet of the Swiss Army clothes. My uncle, he likes the Swiss Army briefcase and the Swiss Army laptop computer case.

Actually, after sometimes, you are even surprised to know of the other products that Swiss Army carry. It's not just about pocket knives anymore.

Surf around and you know what I mean ...




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